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The future is small.

At Sagely, we're on a mission to co-create and support the future of work by building an ecosystem that supports the small business owner.  

Our Story

After leaving Corporate America, I started consulting and fell in love with working with small business owners. They are some of the most passionate, hard-working, and mission-driven people you will ever meet.


It was so fulfilling to see the near immediate impact of my work and advice, but small business consulting isn’t very scalable. They are generally working with smaller budgets, need flexibility, and require immediately actionable recommendations that are size and resource appropriate. 


At Sagely, we found a way to make that happen. We connect experienced entrepreneurs, small business owners, and consultants (our Sages) that are experts in their field, and intimately familiar with what comes with starting, running, and growing a small business because they’ve been there.


Sagely tips the scale in favor of the entrepreneur and small business owner by democratizing access to real business knowledge that will save them time, money and shorten the path to success. Our shared vision is to create a brand that amplifies the voice of small business owners.


We hope to see you on the platform!

Michele and All Our Sages

Our Founder

Michele Wang.JPG

Michele Wang

Founder & CEO

Michele spent the majority of her career representing the American Movie & TV industry domestically and abroad at the MPA. She has over 16-years of experience in operations, accounting, and strategy working for small to large businesses across Media & Entertainment, Tech, B2B, and Health & Wellness.

Michele's parents, now retired, were small business owners for over 16-years.

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