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Andres Diana

Chief Product Officer at

Since the start of his career, Andres has been a zealot for startups, investing, and technology. He loves tackling hard problems and firmly believes technology is our best lever to improve the human condition.

As an entrepreneur, Andres has built new businesses inside organizations and from the ground up. His early days as a trader taught him how to accurately and rapidly weigh risk relative to reward, and how to spot opportunities and take confident action in the face of uncertainty. 

He quickly advanced and leveraged his skills to launch the first quantitative trading business in his firm. He then moved on to build multiple fully automated trading programs - one of which proved so successful, it forced the NYSE to change exchange rules. He cut my teeth in management and leveraged his market knowledge to build a trading business of his own that became an independent Broker-Dealer which was ultimately acquired by T3.

He then shifted to early-stage venture launching the west coast operations for SeedInvest. As regulations changed, his role evolved to lead the most important and challenging deal sourcing division within the company. 

Today, he's immersed in startup operations as Chief Product Officer for Accrete where they're building sophisticated AI tools for the most discerning investors and financial professionals on Wall Street.

Andres' advice was instrumental in building Sagely, and can help you in the following areas:

  • General startup advice

  • Product development and roadmapping

  • Fundraising

  • Building your tech team

  • Startup financial considerations

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