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Carter Nokes

Founder & Principal at Risk by Design

Carter boasts over 12-years of experience in risk management from big-hitters like J.P. Morgan Chase, Pacific Union Financial, USAA, and PwC, Wells Fargo, and Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) to smaller companies introducing and building risk management programs from the ground up. In every role or engagement, Carter’s main objective is to help management define, understand and manage risks while taking advantage of opportunities

As an entrepreneur himself, and the son of successful small business owners, Carter knows firsthand the challenges that small business owners face and is passionate about using his strategic risk management and governance background to address two of the top reasons why small businesses fail - ineffective business planning and inadequate management.

Risk management is important for small businesses because it empowers small business owners with the necessary tools and knowledge to prepare for and deal with uncertainties. Understanding where your weaknesses are as an entity, preparing for them, and where opportunities are in your market or industry, can be the difference between success and failure. “Small advice for a big company could be big advice for a small company,” says Carter, “as a small business owner, making informed decisions and having foresight ensures that your business remains profitable.”

Carter can help you in the following areas:

  • Identify and address weaknesses in your business

  • Identify and address external threats to your business

  • Identify internal/external opportunities for improvement or growth

  • Help you prioritize strategic initiatives

  • Craft a corporate governance strategy that works for your size, stage and industry

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