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Elizabeth Wang

Group Product Marketing Manager at Google

Elizabeth currently leads product marketing for Retail Ads and Lead Generation Ads products - two of Google’s largest and fastest growing advertising areas. She manages a team of global and regional product marketers to execute product market validation, on-the-ground customer research, product feature prioritization, market sizing and go-to-market strategy.

Elizabeth has over thirteen years of expertise in product marketing, digital marketing and go-to market strategy. Since 2013, she has worked at Google as a Product Marketing Manager at various levels. She has led the marketing, commercialization, and the creation of ads in the Shopping and Travel areas. She has also directed a global product marketing team to implement Retail Ads and Commerce products and features. Prior to Google, Elizabeth worked as a Marketing Manager at eBay. 

Elizabeth can help you in the following areas:

  • Product Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Paid Search

  • Content Marketing

  • Onsite and Email Merchandising

  • Marketing Algorithm Testing

  • Go-to-Market Strategy

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