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Francois du Toit

Interim Head of Growth at Evernow | Co-Founder | Growth Marketer

Francois is an experienced product marketer with a diverse background of experience. He’s been an individual contributor in a variety of roles from his own startups to building/leading broad reaching teams (performance marketing, branding, product marketing, product, engineering, and more). He values team culture a lot and laser focuses on team enablement, growth, and impact. Entrepreneurial in any task or problem he takes on and enjoys finding those low effort, high impact wins.

As the former Head of Marketing at Truepill, he oversaw diverse teams - of brand marketers, growth/performance marketers, lifecycle and social marketers and content - across both Truepill and Ahead brands.

Francois can help small businesses and entrepreneurs:

  • Recommend a marketing tech stack based on the type and stage of business

  • Define and refine their marketing strategy

  • Develop the right marketing KPIs

  • Recommend frameworks that can help achieve goals

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