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Joel Chrisco

Financial Planning & Analysis Director at International Rescue Committee

Joel has over 15 years of experience advising small businesses, ranging from small mom & pop shops to multi-million-dollar trucking companies. His specialties include helping small businesses with access finance (loans & grants), financial planning & analysis, financial statements & projections, and general finance strategy. He truly believes that having a strong financial plan can make or break a small business.

Access to Finance – Applying for a small business loan? You will need a business plan, cash flow projection, profit & loss statement, balance sheet, and break-even analysis. And you will need to know the right timing, equity requirements, and application processes. Joel's helped over 100 businesses with this process and knows exactly what bankers are looking for.

Budgeting & Financial Planning – The key to financial clarity for most small businesses starts with a clear plan, and then tracking performance month over month. You can “wing it” if you want, but you’ll likely end up at the end of the year wondering where all your money has gone and a hefty tax bill.

Joel can help you  carefully plan out your financial strategy, putting you back in the driver’s seat making informed financial decisions.

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