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Kevin Emanuel

Co-Founder and Executive Vice President, Sales at PMsquare

As the Executive Vice President of Sales, Kevin specializes in business analytics solution sales and the delivery of business transformation consulting projects at his company PMsquare, a business consulting company with prime focus on data warehousing, business intelligence, enterprise planning and forecasting. 

With cross-industry experience and domain knowledge in information management, data analytics and cloud-based solution delivery, Kevin has helped organizations solve critical business problems while improving overall competitive advantage and gaining market share. His educational background in Finance and Marketing allows him to work cross-functionally to ensure Sales strategy and goals align.

Kevin can help you in the following areas:

  • Customer acquisition

  • Defining your customer journey

  • Establishing and scaling your sales organization

  • Refine your sales pitch

  • Define your sales KPIs

  • Product questions related to data analytics, data warehousing, business intelligence, or enterprise planning and forecasting

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