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Michele Wang

Founder & CEO, Sagely

Michele has over 16-years of experience building and scaling operations from the ground up. She's worked in multiple industries and with organizations of all sizes - from industry associations with a presence in over 30-countries to small, single location brick-and-mortar businesses and technology startups.

Prior to launching Sagely, Michele was at The Folklore (Techstars) and IP-Echelon (Acquired by Vobile Group HKSE) leading strategy and operations. She spent the bulk of her career at the Motion Picture Association representing the American Film and TV industry both domestically and abroad, building a globa operations team with oversight of program budget, strategy, technology, vendor management, program evaluation, business intelligence and internal consulting.

You can ask her questions related to:

  • Company set-up and formation

  • Early-stage operations and how to scale

  • How to optimize your operations

  • The best way (and types of technology) to integrate into your business

  • How to integrate strategic planning in a simple and easy way

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